Hello, my name is Lucia Brawley.

I am a co-founder of the Amp.it platform which is amplifying civic engagement, progressive political and cause campaigns, and empowering consumers and voters to drive moral political and corporate leadership.

In 2007, I founded a group of four volunteers in Hollywood and helped it grow to two-thousand members, delivering Los Angeles' 33rd congressional district for then-Senator Obama by the largest margin in the California primary.

Now, in addition to being a tech entrepreneur and mom, I have created this blog and run a progressive Facebook group for women and allies, also called "Consenting to Lead." 

Here's our manifesto:

85% of consumer decisions are made by women and yet we only earn 53-77% on the white man's dollar.

As women, we have been groped, assaulted, paid less, passed over for raises and promotions, underestimated, undermined, taken for granted, objectified, gaslit, lectured, talked over, hunted, hated, raped, abused, patronized, belittled, criminalized, misrepresented, divided and conquered. At times, we ourselves may have consented to stay second-class citizens because “that’s the way it is,” or because retaliation for speaking out seemed worse than the status quo.

If you're looking for a constructive way to unite through action to be the conscience of our country and our world, this community is for you.

The cavalry is coming. It's us.


We consent to do the work to save decency, morality, integrity, courage, and democracy. We consent to lead.

Let's unite to take back Congress in 2018, the White House in 2020, to change our country in the medium term and our world in the long term.

This blog offers tips and tools to make that happen. Welcome aboard!